Special Thanks!

Baptist Hospital

Thank you to William Norris of Baptist Hospital who delivers fresh fruit, weekly, to be given to the kids in their Lovepacks. We are grateful for the time, support and love from Baptist Hospital.

Bramlett Elementary

Thank you to Bramlett Elementary who help a food drive and collected 2,488 items!! They also delivered and helped stock the pantry. We are grateful for the support from Bramlett Elementary.

ChiCory Market

Thank you to Chicory Market for their donation to Lovepacks! We are so thankful for the love and support from our local community!

Dollar General

Thank you to Tess Graham and Dollar General for donating snacks to Lovepacks. We are grateful for all the support from Oxford’s Dollar General.


Thank you to FNC for participating in weekly food distribution for Lovepacks. We are grateful for the time and support FNC gives weekly to Lovepacks.

Thank You to FNC who had a company-wide fundraising challenge for Lovepacks and raised over $3,000! We are very grateful for FNC’s continuous love and support!!

First Presbyterian Church

Thank you for the continued support from First Presbyterian Church who continues to collect donations for us! We are blessed with the continued love and support from a wonderful organization.

Thank you First Pres of Oxford for your continued support of Lovepacks! Hassell Wilkinson makes the delivery, you’re the best!

Jr. Leadership Lafayette

Special thanks to Tracie Russell and Jr. Leadership Lafayette for hosting a food drive and stocking our pantry!

Kiwanis Club

Buddy Arrington

Lafayette Middle School

We want to thank Lafayette Middle School who hosted costume day on October 31st and raised money to help support Lovepacks! We are very thankful for all the support and we LOVE all the outfits!

Larson’s Cash Savers

Thank you to Brent and Christy Larson of Larson’s Cash Saver who contribute monthly food deliveries for Lovepacks. We are grateful for the time and support Brent and Christy give to Lovepacks.

McDonald’s McCafe Monday

Thank you to Betsy Smith and McDonald’s of Oxford. Every Monday during the month of August, McCafe for a Cause donates 50% of coffee sales to Lovepacks. We are grateful for the support from McDonald’s and all of their customers.
August 2018 total = $717

Mississippi Secretary of State

Thank you to Delbert Hoseman, Mississippi Secretary of State for taking the time to help Miss Whitney Drury and Lafayette Elementary’s students pack Lovepacks!

Moms and Helpers

We want to give a special thank you to our Lovepack helpers and volunteers! We could not do what we do without each and every one of you!

Ole Miss Campus Rec

Thank you to Campus Rec who brought in donations, stocked the pantry and helped to pack Lovepacks for the children. We are grateful for the time and support from Campus Rec.

Ole Miss Gamma Beta Phi


Gamma Beta Phi has donated since 2010 and we could not be more blessed to have such a caring a supportive group. They have also helped stock the pantry and pack Lovepacks over the years. We are grateful for the time and support Gamma Beta Phi has shown to Lovepacks for the past 7 years.

Ole Miss Groups


Thank you for the numerous amount of Ole Miss Groups who has donated their time to help stock the pantry, double bag, and pack Lovepacks. We are grateful for the time, love and support Ole Miss has given Lovepacks over the years.

Oxford Elementary School

Thank you to the “Lovepack donation team” of Oxford Elementary for their hard work during their food drive! We appreciate all the love and support from Oxford Elementary!

Oxford High School

Big shout out to these OHS students who helped haul some big loads of food for us! You guys rock!

Oxford High School Football Team

Thank you to the OHS football team who helped unload a delivery from Larson’s Cash Saver! We love the support and help we get from every student!

Oxford Intermediate School

Student Advisory Committee

Oxford and Lafayette Snow Days

Thank you to all the Oxford and Lafayette students who came to help pack Lovepacks on their snow day off from school! We love the dedication and support our volunteers give no matter what the circumstance. We are so thankful for your time and positive attitudes!

Oxford Middle School

Thank you to the OMS students who helped us unload an order from Larson’s Cash Saver!

Oxford Middle School Beauty Review

Thank you to Oxford Middle School Beauty Review who donated $646. The money came from the voting on the crowd favorite, Kallie Moore. We appreciate the support from OMS Beauty Review!

Oxford Middle School Superior Class

Thank you to the OMS Superior class who continues to be the heartbeat of Lovepacks. Every week, this class wheels the wagons full of packed Lovepacks out to the mom’s who deliver to each school. They continue to do so with a smile on their face! We are grateful for the time, love, support and energy this class gives every week!

Poverty Policy in America

Amber McKeehan, an Ole Miss student in “Poverty Policy in America” held a food drive for Lovepacks. Education with a purpose! Thank you!

Public Policy

Thank you to Caroline Tiner and Amber McKeehen with Public Policy who held a food drive for Lovepacks! We are so appreciative of your time and support!


Thank you to RSVP who held a food drive and collected donations. We are grateful for the love and support RSVP has continually given.

Special thanks!

A BIG thank you to these sweet children and their friends for these donations to Lovepacks!

St. John’s Youth Group

Thank you to St. John’s youth group who helped pack the “bonus pack” for this week to help the Lovepack kids through Christmas break. We appreciate the time and support from St. John’s Church!

Student Alumni Council

Thank you Student Alumni Council for all the great donations!

Mrs. Whitney Drewrey’s Classroom

Special thanks to Mrs. Whitney Drewrey and her student from Room 500! They are now packing Lovepacks for Lafayette each week.

The Whittington Family

Faithful Lovepack supporters, Joyce and Darryl Whittington, have been bringing their monthly “food of the month” donation for years. Thank you for helping feed our local children! Y’all are awesome!

Willie Price Lab School

Willie Price Lab School packed over 100 bags for Lovepacks today (2.14.2018). God is good & we are so blessed. We are so thankful for all the students & parents who donated to the cause! Check out our Facebook to see all the helping hands & cute faces involved!


To find out how your business or group can donate, contact Camie Bianco at cambianco5@gmail.com